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Sehen und Verstehen lassen sich nicht trennen. Deshalb fällen wir schon beim ersten Eindruck Urteile. Das gilt für uns als Personen.  Aber es gilt auch für Marken und Produkte. Denn wir sehen zugleich sofort, wie jemand selbst gesehen werden will. Und das sagt sehr viel über die zugrunde liegende Marken-Persönlichkeit aus. Deshalb gibt es kein gutes Design ohne das richtige Markenverständnis. Ergänzt durch intelligente Werbekonzepte und die korrekte Adressierung der Zielgruppen macht das die entscheidenden Zutaten für eine erfolgreiche Kommunikation aus. MARKEN – DESIGN – LEAD. Darum kümmern wir uns und dafür stehen wir mit unserer Arbeit. dube + partner / visuelle kommunikation / Kreativagentur und Werbeagentur München.
You have style or you don't.

SMEG is the undisputed retro design brand in the home appliance sector. With films and animations we help to stage the brand in online trade or social media and offer consumers additional information. And we implement the social media campaigns.

Falling fruits? Rising sails.

For the particularly gentle and therefore healthy Slowjuicer from Bosch, we created the idea, the KeyVisual, the product film, a recipe book and a recipe app.

Did you start the dishwasher?

With the Home Connect app, you can control all your home appliances centrally. For an image campaign at IFA Berlin, the Home Connect brand was to be staged in a big way for the first time. We were able to win a pitch for the idea and implementation of the brand campaign.

dube + partner Kreativagentur München
Let’s brand the web.

The web presence is the decisive medium, which, in the concert of your communication measures, makes the face of your company to the outside world. Nevertheless, your website should be an integral element in your holistic communication concept. Only then will your message remain consistently involved, unmistakable and credible.

Our services
An idea is always the beginning of success. But it must also be communicated in such a way that it is understood and inspires. It does not matter whether it is the idea of a company, a product or just a new function.


If we want to communicate values and messages sustainably and convincingly and set impulses, we need a cross-media communication strategy and long-term brand management. 


And what is a communicative idea without its virtuoso implementation? We deliver both in accordance with your idea. Together with our inspired and experienced team from the fields of design, marketing, social media, photography, CGI, development and text.

Eine Werbeagentur, zwei Köpfe, ein Ziel.


Wir sind eine inhabergeführte Werbeagentur in München mit zwei Geschäftsführern. Eduard Sommerfeld und Dietrich Dube zeichnen für „dube + partner – visuelle kommunikation PartG“ verantwortlich.

For 15 years we have stood for well thought-out, surprising and inspired creative solutions, implemented directly and easily - without phrases and without constantly changing contacts.

Let's create something great together.

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