We shape the change, creating the future for people and clients. Whether it is a new project, a new product, a new service, or a new company. And we deliver visual and textual content for your media and marketing efforts. dube. Creative agency / Advertising agency / Content Agency Munich.

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Creative partner for conception, design and implementation of Content,
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Change needs inspiration.







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The VitaBar App

The VitaBar App for all recipes.














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Bosch Hausgeräte

Example MUM5.














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Die patentierte switchSENSE®-Technologie wurde 2015 mit dem Deutschen Innovationspreis ausgezeichnet.














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*dube. Four letters. One team. No empty phrases.


We stand by you. We are your creative sparring partners for your success. As a compact team of experienced specialists, we are able to deal with tasks and circumstances individually. We react in real time. Face to face. Quickly changing the perspective and improvising elegantly, where others first haveto call a meeting. dube. Contentagentur, Werbeagentur, Kreativagentur.


We feel connected to your agenda in the long term. This means, however, that we are going with you on the path of constant renewal and always surprise you with new innovations. Perhaps this is why global market leaders have been trusting us for more than 15 years. Benefit from our high standards, our expertise and our innovative strength dube. Contentagentur, Werbeagentur, Kreativagentur.


“Change needs inspiration”. How do you communicate change when you have no inspiration, no imagination, no idea of ​​the new? We can always communicate the future by anticipating it. Because when we experience it, it is no more. We feel that inspiration as concept developers, designers and copywriters. And we will gladly provide it to you. dube. Contentagentur, Werbeagentur, Kreativagentur.
Sylvia Willax

Sylvia Willax

Photography and Photoediting (freelance)

Contact person for photography and retouching.

Dietrich Dube

Dietrich Dube

Creative Direction

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Frankfurt/Main

Owner, contact person for strategy, concept and design.

Eduard Sommerfeld

Eduard Sommerfeld

Art Direction / Head of Team

Media Designer IHK

Contact person for concept, design and technology.

Vera Hiendl

Vera Hiendl

Art Direction / 3D and Film

Graduate Designer FH

Contact person for design, movie and 3D animation.

… and many freelancers in the fields of sound-design, CGI and film, programming, creative conception, illustration,text creation, motion design, contact and advice, brand management and marketing.


Creative Concept

We develop creative concepts for campaigns and media. In visual and text format.

Consulting and Brand Management

We offer consulting with regard to your alignment of communication and your Brands. In a time of increased price competition between almost the same level of performance, only your brand protects you from the competition.

Corporate Design

We develop the image and visibility of medium-sized Brands in accordance with a consistent and catchy overall picture. And we prove the efficacy of our concepts by means of examples of their application in all media generations.

Webseiten and

Web Apps

We deliver Computer Generated Images (CGI, 3D) in high-end quality for interior design or products based on the data of your product design department or completely rebuilt. And we deliver you vibrant and at the same time perfect, high-quality picture material of people and processes as well as of machines or products.

Print media

We design and implement editorial print media, magazines and periodicals, media for sales promotion, business equipment and concepts and media for the point of sale as part of a coherent overall concept.

CGI and Photography

We deliver Computer Generated Images (CGI, 3D) in high-end quality for interior design or products based on the data of your product design department or completely rebuilt. And we deliver you vibrant and at the same time perfect, high-quality picture material of people and processes as well as of machines or products.

(3D) Animation

and Film

We design films and develop storyboards. And we generate 3D film material in-house and film at the same time. We animate elements and typography and we cut everything together into emotional and involved footage.


We deliver engaging visual and textual content for your media and channels.

To Do

Our target group, the individual “everyday person”, increasingly lives in a world they actually understand lesser and lesser. And that works so pleasantly and smoothly because the service is tailored exactly to the individual “everyday people’s brain”. it gives power to commercial actors. Especially as an advertising agency, we can use these wonderful services. The marketing portals, the trading desks, the social media platforms. Target groups segmentation, geomarketing and programmatic advertising promise direct access to the consumer in real time.

But it uses the same technologies for itself at least as successfully when it uses Adblocker, when it decides against cookies, when it detects tampering, critically evaluates our products on the net, and exchanges views with other consumers. The first Adblocker report for Germany comes to an alarming conclusion: By the end of 2018, more than 20 million German software will be installed, which hides digital advertising. That’s almost a third of all online users. And at Apple, the default tracking is now prohibited.

Conclusion: We can not ignore the individual consumer.

Our task as a creative agency, as an advertising agency or PR agency, as a customer consultant, graphic designer, copywriter or conceptioner is to made all the clearer by all this. We must choose our channels, media and messages in such a way that consumers, who are always individuals with their own accounts and individual motives, can and want to process them themselves. And they will only, do so if they feel seriously addressed in his motivational position.

So we have no choice but to continue to devote ourselves with full attention and creativity. That’s really challenging. But this basic task of advertising or communication in general can not change to the extent that we can not change ourselves.

Our approach: To perfect the medium leap. Digital and analog refer to each other and are only strong in the long run as a unit.

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about  Media, Design and Technology.

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