SMEG ist natürlich die Design-Brand unter den Hausgeräten. Vor allem in Deutschland. Das ist sein Markenkern. Dennoch macht es Sinn am Ende der Consumer Journey auch noch einmal darauf hin zu weisen, dass so ein SMEG -Kühlschrank auch technisch top ist. Natürlich macht man das aber in einem „SMEGGY-WAY“. Für SMEG Deutschland gestalteten und realisierten wir diese Filme exklusiv für

Für unseren Kunden SMEG entwickelten wir eine neue animierte Visualität und konzipierten und gestalteten neue Feature-Filme für die einzelnen Kühlschrank-Modelle. 

Corporate Design, Shooting, Webdesign

Die Werbeagentur und Marketingberatung unterstützt Firmen und Unternehmen, die ihre strategische Kommunikation generell oder für eine bestimmte Produktgruppe überarbeiten, überdenken oder neu ausrichten möchten. Kirsten Gnüge: „Auf Tuchfühlung mit dem Kern des Problems – in Creative Tissue Sessions ­­– entwickeln wir gemeinsam erfolgreiche Wege für Ihre Kommunikation.“ dube + partner machte das Shooting, kreierte das Corporate Design und gestaltete und realisierte die Website.

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Innovations without limit!

Unlimited X is the "Innovation Lab" of the REHAU Group. Every day we work on new digital business models for the REHAU Group. Unlimited X uses methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas and Scrum. We conceived, designed and realized the new one Homepage.

How To Movies or the Roxxter from Bosch

Who wants to read a long manuals today. Especially when it comes to such intelligent home helps as the Roxxter from Bosch. Therefore, we animated here, for each immediately available, the instructions for commissioning, fast and understandable.

We love innovative companies!

That's why we designed and implemented a new movie for the trade fair, web and social media for Solar Log.

Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) is one of the leading companies for PV monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management. It has been developing and distributing its Solar-Log ™ instrument series and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest ™ portal since 2007.

SDS solutions make an important contribution to successfully integrating renewable energy into an intelligent power grid and realizing the energy transition. We are happy for Solar-Log ™ to create and implement a new image film for the fair.

Yippie! Wir sind für den "German Brand Award 2019" nominiert

The "German Brand Award" conceives and awards brands holistically. With its criteria and competition categories, it takes account of the diverse facets of professional brand management: The prize is awarded in the "Excellent Brands" and "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" competition categories. On the recommendation of the jury, the honorary prizes "Brand Manager of the Year" and "Personality of the Year" are awarded annually.

Home Connect is the digital brand of B/S/H, which in the form of an app connects all home appliances and much more. Communicating the benefits of it will be a big challenge. We got through the idea and implementation in a pitch. Home Connect Brand Manager Nadine Singh-Glinski describes the challenge on the occasion of the IFA 2018: "The aim of the IFA appearance is to create awareness for the platform as well as a first image of the Home Connect brand."

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Our Christmas promotion for 2018: #wirmachenschule – join in!

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children live in the Lebanese-Syrian border area at the subsistence level in makeshift tent cities without access to education. The generation, which is to rebuild its country after the war, grows up in illiteracy, without perspective and as easy victims for extremist groups. The tent school builds schools for children in Lebanese refugee camps. We support the tent school this year with several campaigns and a new logo.  #wirmachenschule – join in!

# Mayor Dieter Reiter is already there!
Dieter Reiter joins in! The campaign to support the Zeltschule e.V. is already a great success. Also our #Bürgermeister Dieter Reiter has gathered today in front of our poster to support the Zeltschule e.V.

dube. say thanks.

Impressions of the IFA Berlin and our work.

dube realizes the first brand appearance of "Home Connect"

How to communicate a complex digital product and launch a new brand in one campaign at a time - in a hectic and overstimulated place like the IFA? We tried it and we are pretty happy with it ...

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