Munich Magazine

We developed a magazine, provided the involved texts and graphics, shooters and designed the medium.

Home Connect: brand communication

The digital service system previously communicated as a feature of the Siemens and Bosch brands had to be communicated for the first time as an independent digital product brand at the IFA 2018 in Berlin.

RDI: Corporate Communications

Like many clinics or healthcare providers, Isar's right was challenged with professional communication and attention to its own achievements.

DIEßL: Branding, CD

Die Steuerkanzlei Dießl, mit Sitz in Holzkirchen bei München, war auf der Suche nach einem sowohl seriösen als auch emotionalen Auftritt, der ihre Professionalität und Leidenschaft zum Ausdruck bringen sollte.

SilentMixx: launch communication

A successful launch communication should be aimed at both retailers and end consumers.

MUM5: Launch communication

Task was the extension of the color range, various cooperations and from 2018 the infinite color customization possibilities maximum impressive and emotional communication.

TASSIMO: launch and campaign communication

In addition to TASSIMO, partner brands such as Jakobs, Milka, Twinings, Suchards and Café Hag also stand for premium. The claim to high quality and the attitude to life of the brand should be clearly and convincingly communicated in all media.

MUK: Corporate Communication

Die MUK AG bietet Dienstleistungen rund um die Lagerung und den Transport von Tiefkühlgut – zuverlässig, innovativ und leistungsfähig. Das sollte überzeugend und markenrelevant über alle Medien transportiert werden.

DBS: Corporate Communication

The innovative technology "switch sense", which was awarded the German Innovation Prize, and the brand "Dynamic Biosensors" were to be coherently represented by appropriate communication media.

MINI: Retail Marketing

MINI. A brand whose core is creativity and therefore constantly demands creativity again and again. Within the framework of the new corporate design and in the sense of the brand, convincing and involving sales promotion measures had to be created.