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 Dietrich Dube

Creative Director

Overall conceptional thinker and inspired art worker with special design competence. Down to earth and always curious.

“I think in concepts and communicate in visuals.“

Eduard Sommerfeld

Senior Art Director

Especially fast in execution and driven by the desire to always deliver the best option possible. Huge passion for technic and the newest technologies. Persistent, thoughtful and always ready to help.

“I enjoy giving products and their souls a visual expression.”

Kerstin Tonscheck

Consulting and concept

Combining a solid marketing know how and communicative skills, she is lively, passionate and funny and seriously interested in people and their stories.

“I always ask for the ‚Why?’ That always leads me to the best solutions.“

Sylvia Willax

Visual Director Photography

Thanks to her good sense for detail and intuition for the right moment she captures authentic and aesthetic pictures in persuasive keyvisual quality. In her postprocessing process, she then refines the pictures to modern visuals of premium quality.

“I love to catch the beauty in every day life.”

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We are supported by many selected freelancers from the fields of marketing consulting, graphic design, CGI, photography, film, motion design, text, social media and digital marketing.

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