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For the user everything has a face 🙂

We should therefore design it very consciously and carefully.

Many companies move data, products, relationships or components that often have a less attractive or no visual equivalent. For communication with the public, with customers, partners or clients, however, everything needs a coordinated and above all professional face or user interface. And this should communicate in an attractive, clear and convincing way what the company and its products are all about. We love to face this task again and again.  

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Expertise UI and print design

Mixers and juicers of the VitaBar series are accompanied by a recipe book, which should be implemented as a brand-relevant app.

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Expertise Webdesign

Let’s brand
the web.

The website should be an integral element of the holistic communication concept. Only then will your message remain consistently involved, unmistakable and credible.

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Expertise brand and print design

Be open for variety.

The focus of the communication was the differentiation of the series and the central feature "Intellibrew". In addition to all PoS media, the visual communication budget also included campaign ideas and product communication.

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Expertise UI/UX Design

Recipies for your Health.

As a digital counterpart to the recipe book, we designed a delicious and user-friendly recipe app with favorites, shopping list and a juice guide that allows the user to improvise on a whim. In addition, we promoted the product and the app in an involving landing page. dube + partner Visuelle Kommunikation.

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Expertise Print Design

MINI. A brand whose core is creativity and which therefore demands creativity again and again. Within the framework of the new corporate design and in the spirit of the brand, convincing and involving sales promotion measures were to be created.

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Expertise Packaging Design

The staging of a demanding and lively pleasure brand for the PoS with creative development and implementation of all media.

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Expertise Corporate Design

The innovative technology "switch sense", which was awarded the German Innovation Prize, and the brand "Dynamic Biosensors" were to be coherently represented by appropriate communication media.


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