integrated web design Munich

integrated web design Munich

Your web presence is the crucial medium that makes the face of your company outward in the concert of your communication activities. Nevertheless, your website should fit into your holistic communication concept as an integral element. This is the only way that your message remains consistently involved, unmistakable and credible. That's what we stand for with our work. dube. Webdesign Munich.

Your conceptual added value

Corporate design

The corporate design is a very important part of the corporate identity. It contains the entire, as consistent as possible appearance of a company. The goal is to visually and linguistically communicate the values and worlds of the corporate identity in such a way that they become understandable, memorable and recognizable. Here, of course, the brand, its application, colors and fonts as well as the linguistic style play the decisive role.

User Experience Design

The user experience organizes the user experience when using the website. How can the right content be edited so that it can be received in a satisfying manner by the user? Here, very clear priorities must be set so that the user can get the right information in the right order and the right dose on his time line. Also the right address of the user belongs to it.

User Interface Design

In the field of human-computer interaction, the user interface must be designed according to human needs. This user interface design should activate and invite the user to use. Depending on the target groups and corporate design requirements, this can look very different. Elements, colors, typography and image and the visual aspects of movements play a role here.


In the lifespan of the Internet, various technologies have evolved that can offer benefits to use. Most WordPress is used when customers want a content management system. So a website where you, without affecting these, later make themselves updates. We design user interfaces for every application. At WordPress we also offer the programming.

Tax office Dießl

As part of a relaunch of the corporate design, we also designed and programmed a responsible website.

Bosch Home

As part of a product launch campaign, we also designed the landing page for all Bosch mixers and juicers.

Werbeagentur München

Webdesign Munich

We also offer mid-sized companies and freelancers web design and realization at competitive costs. You benefit from a web design that is strategically integrated into a professional overall concept of your brand and your advertising measures. Because your agency offers you great knowledge transfer from the cooperation with world market leaders and innovative brands. Inspired web design with uncomplicated and fast implementation. dube. Webdesign Munich.

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